Munyumbwe Decorative Bowl, 9in

Munyumbwe Decorative Bowl, 9in

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Munyumbwe Decorative Bowl, 9in

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Earthy and rustic, this African basket has two walls- resulting in a horizontal, light-colored design on the outside and a vertical, dark-colored, geometric design on the inside of the bowl. This Tonga basket is named for where it is woven, the Munyumbwe area of Zambia. Munyumbwe baskets are a heavy, double-thick weave that takes extra time and effort to create. The back is coiled and looped together, then front is woven over that in a style similar to plateau baskets. The end result is a thick-walled, sturdy, shallow bowl with a unique type of pattern.

You will receive the exact basket pictured above. This product is fair trade.

9in D