Palos Blancos 75% Bar

Palos Blancos 75% Bar

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Palos Blancos 75% Bar

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This bar features certified Organic beans from the Palos Blancos region of Bolivia. The flavor of this bar is earthy (for any wine connoisseurs reading, think forest floor) and creamy, and about midway through, tastes just like a brownie. There are some very subtle fruit flavors as well. Despite having a robust chocolate flavor, this is one of the lightest roasts we've ever done, so there is virtually no bitterness, and only a slight amount of astringency in the finish.

Ingredients: Organic Bolivian Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar
Made in Santa Barbara, CA- always prepared in small batches with no emulsifiers or additives.

Large Size: 1.41 oz
Small Size: 0.5 oz

Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolates is inspired by traditional chocolate making techniques, and seek to make artisanal confections that are truly hand-crafted. First raw, unroasted cocoa beans are sourced from single origin estates, growing co-ops, and plantations, and then hand sorted to remove any beans that are flawed or otherwise do not meet their strict standards of quality. Then roast profiles are developed to accentuate the subtle, and often delicate, flavor characteristics inherent in beans from each origin. The ingredients are then refined in a traditional stone melangeur, tempered, and molded by hand.
Palos Blancos 75% Bar

Palos Blancos 0.5 oz 75% Bar

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Palos Blancos 75% Bar

Palos Blancos 1.4 oz 75% Bar


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