Uganda Bwindi Bowl, 7"

Uganda Bwindi Bowl, 7"

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Uganda Bwindi Bowl, 7"

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Handwoven out of grasses, millet, papyrus and other local materials, these Ugandan baskets are from the Southern border near Rwanda and the Virunga mountains. The dyes are made from materials as diverse as flower petals and mud. Some colors are very rare due to difficulty in obtaining enough of the dying materials, other colors are only available certain times of year when specific flowers bloom or other conditions are satisfied to grow and harvest the materials used in the creation of the dyes. The quality of weaving and size of basket combine to determine prices on these stunning creations. Hundreds of miles are driven on dirt roads to go village-to-village and hut-to-hut collecting baskets from each individual weaver.


You will receive the exact basket pictured above. This basket is a fair trade product and comes with information on the weaver.