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Gift Ideas for The Boys at DIANI Living


 Jeffrey here, taking over Caroline’s blog to give you some gift inspiration for all the men in your life. After we got married a year and a half ago, we started plotting ways to collaborate on a project. And, so, DIANI Living was born along with the chance for me to curate some cool things for men that honor our desire to find designers who fit the DIANI Living standard of hand made, unique, or one of a kind.

 These linerlock pocket knives are truly special. Hand crafted using fossilized wood, bone and Wooly Mammoth Ivory from Siberia, these knives are one of a kind. Now, throw in hand forged damascus steel blades (complete with a sapphire knob) and you have a utility knife that’ll hold up to the riggers of time.

Mug and Chocolate

What guy doesn’t enjoy a cup of hot chocolate? And what better hot chocolate than small batch chocolate by Santa Barbara locals, Twenty-Four Blackbirds? And, while you’re at it, why not have him drink it out of his own special hand made ceramic mug. He might even let you use it once in awhile!

Fountain Pens

A classic… the fountain pen. These are made in New Hampshire using hand turned woods which have been sanded and polished within an inch of their lives to provide a smooth feel both in your hand and on the paper. They come with a refillable cartridge for those ink well kind of guys, or they can also use readily available disposable cartridges from your local stationer.


When you need to send your guy out to the garden to get some herbs, clip some roses for that special you know who, or he just needs to trim some thread off his well worn blazer, these garden tools and household scissors are perfect. Hand made for the last 400 years by the same family in Japan, and now by a father/son team, these tools are hand forged one at a time and will be ready in another 400 years when his descendants need to do the same.

 Vintage cuff links. Always and forever. Enough said!

Gift Set

Can’t decide which? Then how about a gift set? A classic handmade fountain pen, copper scissors, some small batch chocolate, and a vintage wooden fold out ruler (the kind his dad had), all tucked neatly into an antique ceramic Dundee Marmalade jar, which was dredged from the River Thames. That’s right. They used to throw these things overboard on their way into port. Not very environmentally responsible, but now, a hundred years later, they make for some pretty cool vessels.

Peter Beard

We can’t all be Peter Beard, but we can be inspired by his amazing photography and thrilling tales of travel. This has a place of honor in my home, and fits the office, the bed stand, or next to that old leather chair he loves so much.


The growler. They used to ship beer in them. Now, he can put beer in them. Either the stuff he brews at home or the stuff he gets at the store. Who wants to deal with all those bottles? Or, he can put milk in them. Or a flower… for that special you know who we were talking about earlier!

Covers and Throws

And, finally, what guy doesn’t like a comfy cozy bed cover or throw for the couch? These handmade pieces, imported from Morocco are made of cotton and will only get better with age.

Thanks to Caroline for letting me infiltrate the blog… maybe I’ll be back!

For questions about any of the gifts you see in this post or to place and order, call 805 770 7043. We are open 7 days a week.

Photos and copy by Jeffrey Doornbos


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Dressing The Table

Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve been having so much fun setting our table at DIANI Living. From the plates to the napkins and candles, we have everything you could possibly need to to dress your table and celebrate with friends and loved ones. We’re open everyday from 8am.

For more information call DIANI Living at 805 770 7043.

Thanksgiving Table Thanksgiving Table

Pumpkin centerpieces by the amazingly talented Dalla Vita. Available at DIANI Living

Thanksgiving Table

Aaand, we make party favors that make great table settings and they’re edible too! Call us to place an order.

Thanksgiving Table

Photo credit Jeffrey Doornbos

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