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New Arrivals from Morocco!

Raisin and rugs

After we got married, we traveled to Morocco for our honeymoon. We were warned, “you’ll probably buy a rug while you’re there, but be careful because what looks amazing in the Souks of Marrakech, might not look so great back in your home.”  And they were right… we bought a rug. But, we didn’t rest until we found one that we were certain would look amazing. We came back with a large flat weave rug, from the Tiflet region in between Casablanca and Fez. And we love it! The muted colors work perfectly with our dark wood floor and dining room decor. Since then, we have done more searching and hand picked a few rugs for our home concept store. Some are the same Tiflet style flat weave that we brought home and some are vintage Beni Ourain rugs like the one below.


These vintage Beni Ourain rugs are authentic tribal rugs, hand woven from wool by Berbers in the North Eastern Middle Atlas mountains. The thick pile is perfect for cool winter nights in the Atlas mountains, and for centuries they remained in the tents of that region. But when mid-century designers such as Le Corbusier began pairing them with modern furniture, they went global.





These Tiflet flat weave rugs, below, made by Berbers in the region between Casablanca and Fez are very well suited to the warmer climate of the low lands west of the Atlas. These intricately designed, hand woven rugs exhibit an artistry that has to be seen to be believed. Each rug is authentic and is made of all natural materials.




Whether it’s a Beni Ourain (below), or a Tiflet flat weave (above), all of these rugs are a one of a kind piece that will make a lasting statement in any room of your home. For more information like sizes and pricing, call 805 770 7043 or email caroline@dianiliving.com.



Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Rug



Rug images Jeffrey Doornbos. Design inspiration images via Pinterest

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