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Pillow Talk with Colette Cosentino

At DIANI Living, we know that a single home piece has the ability to transform a room. But decorative artist and muralist Colette Cosentino takes this to the next level. From ornate ceiling paintings to whimsical wall murals, Colette has been enhancing home interiors with her stunning decorative art for over 20 years.

I recently got a sneak peak inside her Santa Barbara studio and art gallery for our Pillow Talk series. While she added some finishing touches to a canvas, we chatted about her artistic process, inspiring lady bosses and her favorite place to recharge.

When you were in school, what was your favorite subject and what did you want to “grow up” to be?

My favorite subject was, of course, art. Music was always right up there too. I knew I would end up in the arts, whether as a musician, actress or artist.

What contributed to your goal of becoming the decorative artist and muralist that you are today?

Decorative painting is a career I fell into by way of working in set painting and set restoration at the Granada and Ensemble theaters in Santa Barbara. Before moving to Santa Barbara I really didn’t know that decorative painting was a thing outside of that which is historical. Never in a million years did I think I would be painting decorative ceilings and beams in people’s homes. With one opportunity came an accidental career.

What is the inspiration behind the work that you do?

I’m very drawn to nature. I’m moved by lacy leaves, trees, water, horizon lines, clouds, stars, and twilight skies. So it seems because of these things, I’m compelled to create.

What is your artistic process like? How do you maintain that while also fulfilling a client’s needs?

It all depends on the project, and a delicate balance to be sure. I need to let a project swim around in my head for a time before taking ideas to paper. Then I like to experiment and create without an agenda, allowing for mistakes and creativity. Then I’ll go to work within the confines of the project, once all the wiggles are out. This seems to work out best for everyone.

Which female entrepreneurs do you admire?

Firstly, my mom. She has always been successful at being self-employed. From selling Tupperware in the old days to owning a frame shop and gallery to selling real estate. She’s a go-getter.

Also, I really admire Caroline Diani. I’m impressed and inspired by what she has built here. I admire her thoughtfulness about life, her aesthetic, her approach. Other lady bosses: Christy Martin (Modern Romantic) and Patti Pagliei of Waxing Poetic. Also: Oprah.

What do you think is the single most important ingredient to success?

The most important ingredient is believing in yourself. Plus: don’t give up.

What’s the most challenging part of your professional life?

The business aspect 😉

How do you try to manage your work/life balance?

It sort of works itself out.

What do you see yourself doing next to express yourself professionally?

I’m working towards making my work accessible on a larger scale to all those who are moved by it and want a piece for themselves.

How do you manage the fear and doubt that inevitably creeps in when you’re paving a less trodden path?

I’ve eliminated all other options, and yet I hold on loosely. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster—from feeling strong and confident to asking myself, what the heck have I done?! I have been practicing putting one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward with what’s right in front of me, that way it’s not all so overwhelming.

What have you been most afraid of trying in your career, but you did it anyway?

Renting a decent sized art studio in a retail location in downtown Santa Barbara. But I did it and I’m so glad I did.

Was there any opportunity that you had in your life that you didn’t take?

About 20 years ago I was offered a position to create for a company that made artful home decor products. I do wonder sometimes where that road would have taken me.

What is something you’ve accomplished personally or professionally that you never dreamed possible for yourself?

I have not accomplished it yet.

Any sleep rituals that you use to help quiet the mind after a long day?

Sleep comes very easy to me. I’m usually pretty worn out by the end of the day.

How do you make your bedroom a sacred space?

I like to have all white bedding and freshly laundered linens. It really does something for me.

What’s the biggest gift you give yourself to recharge?

It’s rare, but sometimes I will allow myself to actually spend the entire day in bed, which is my favorite place. I’ll check out entirely, nap and binge watch TV. It’s not glamorous, but it’s divine.

What’s the first thing you do after you wake up?

I look out of the window. I like to position my bed next to a window, it feels like you are sleeping outdoors that way. I love waking up and looking out to the morning sky, examining it closely.

What’s the last thing you do before bed?

Look outside at the night sky and stare at the stars.

Thank you Colette, your artwork is breathtaking! To learn more about Colette and her decorative artwork, visit her website www.colettecosentino.com or stop by her gallery and studio space at 11 West Anapamu Street in Santa Barbara.

Shop this Story

Vintage Floral Batik Pillow With Poms

Vintage Floral Batik Pillow with Poms, 20×33, $330

Vintage Linen Fern Pillow

Vintage Linen Fern Pillow II, 22×22, $165

Vintage Linen Fern Pillow

Vintage Linen Fern Pillow, 19×19, $150

Dotted Line Pillow

Dotted Line Pillow, 17×24, $150

Azzedine Long Sleeve Blouse

Sea Azzedine Long Sleeve Blouse, $350

Isabel Marant Etoile Release Blouse

Isabel Marant Etoile Release Blouse, $440

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Bed Making by Caroline Diani

DIANI Living


I’ve always loved making up beds because I know how important the feeling of a bed is to how your night’s sleep will be. If your bed is inviting and luxurious, you’re more inclined to spend quality time in it and have good quality sleep. I like layering up with a base of soft, neutral colors. This particular bed is made up from our linen bedding (color: sable with cep accents). I always have a throw blanket at the foot of the bed for easy grabbing when you want to curl up with a book or a hot tea. And, my custom made, one-of-a-kind throw pillows add color and texture and the final touch that every bed needs.


[supsystic-gallery id=3]


A great base for any room is the treatment you have on the walls. My favorite wall texture is Venetian plaster and in this bedroom I added Farrow and Ball Lotus print wallpaper to one wall. Other personal touches of art, baskets, printed organic towels and candles give your space warmth and intimacy.


[supsystic-gallery id=6]


Check out my bed making video!



DIANI Living

Get The Look

[supsystic-gallery id=10]

For questions, call 877 342 6474 or email customercare@dianiliving.com

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Basket Love

DIANI Living Baskets

It’s no secret I love baskets. Being born and brought up in Kenya, there were locally made baskets everywhere. They feel very familiar to me and I can’t imagine a room without at least one. In every nook and cranny of our jewel box store you’ll find a beautiful hand crafted basket. Each basket is unique in design and made out of natural fibers. Every curated item at DIANI Living tells a story and our baskets are no exception. Most are made in various countries in Africa where the art of basket weaving is passed down from generation to generation.

Not only do baskets tell a great story and are always one of a kind, but they’re also a fun way to decorate your home as wall art, like the recent project I designed above, an objet d’art on a shelf or as functional items like lamps and tables. They add warmth and texture to a room as well as offering a chic solution for storage. Shop our newest baskets now at DIANI Living.

Image above – A DIANI Living client project. Similar baskets always available.


Inspo via Pinterest


Basket Lamp - DIANI Living

A recent DIANI Living design project. Lamp available, table SOLD.



Basket lamp shop $250 here

Nesting Peace Baskets $175 here

Basket lamp base with shade in second to last photo $395 here

More available in store. Call 1 877 342 6474 or email customercare@dianiliving.com for info on the whole selection.

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How to Decorate your Bedroom with Blush Tones in time for Valentine’s Day

Linen-bedding Large

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we couldn’t help but fall in love with soft and romantic blush tones. The subtle rose colored hues beg to be brought into your bedroom, a sanctuary, and a space for peace and nurturing. Here’s a little help to create a look with some of our favorite picks at DIANI Living. We love adding a touch of femininity with our gorgeous bed linens. Our sheets are 100% linen and pre-washed for a relaxed, European look. Add one of our beautiful vintage textiles draped over the end of your bed for luxurious texture. And lastly, a favorite book on the nightstand and a one-of-a-kind lamp completes the room. To get the look your Valentine would approve of, visit us at DIANI Living in store or online. For help and any questions, email us at customercare@dianiliving.com.


Vintage Textiles starting at $275. Call DIANI Living at 805 770 7043 or email customercare@diainliving.com for available fabrics (a best seller and inventory often changes)

Large Serving Bowl $170 here

Queen Linen Sheet Set in Floss (also available in white) Starting at $309 here

Vintage Woven Basket Lamp (including shade) $395 here

A Wilder Life book. Reorder coming this week. Call 805 770 7043 or email customercare@diainliving.com to pre-order.

(Top Image via Honestly WTF)

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In Good Company with Humanity Magazine

When Humanity asked to feature me in their beautiful magazine, I was incredibly honored. I admire that they support and highlight so many of the businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and philanthropists I admire. To say I’m in good company in their latest issue is an understatement and it’s renewed my faith in the common bond of humanity and will continue to help celebrate all that unites and joins us in a world that can appear to be dividing us. Thank you to Catherine Wagley and Jessica Edwards for putting so much care into the piece and to Danielle, I’m always so grateful for your support.

Humanity Magazine Cover


Humanity Magazine Caroline Diani

Humanity Magazine Caroline Diani


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Recreate the Look – Neutrals and Texture


Get The Look 1

At DIANI Living, we love texture and juxtaposition. Mixing smooth and grainy, dark and light, new and old are simple ways to make a space feel dynamic and inviting. When I go out on buying travels, I always have this in mind and, to give a sense of how some of our finds work together, we’re starting a series of posts that recreate a look we love from our inspiration sources like Pinterest. I’m drawn to the character that bold stripes infuse and, with all the neutral textures in this setting above, it inspired me to pull the look together with a few pieces from our store.

Get The Look 2

All pieces are available in our store and on our website:

Small Basket Lamp. $250 here

Zulu African basket. $210 here

Black and White Striped Cushion. $120 here

Handmade pitchers starting at $150 here

Vintage foot stool starting at $55 here

For more information, call 1 877 342 6474 or email customercare@dianiliving.com

(top image via Style Files)

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A New Project in New York – The Farm

This year has a lot in store for us at DIANI Living and one of our exciting projects takes us to the Hudson Valley, NY. We have started restoration on an 18th Century Farmhouse and will be bringing it back to all it’s glory with the help of local artisans and craftspeople. Step one was to make the chimney safe and sound so that we could have fires to make the place warm and cozy on those snowy Hudson Valley days and nights. Over the course of the restoration, we’ll be posting updates on the improvements as we make this amazing slice of history a home for another 265 years! Here’s a peek at the property and it’s surrounding barns.

The Farm 11

The Farm

The Farm 2

The Farm 5

The Farm 6

The Farm 8The Farm 4

The Farm 8

The Farm 10

The Farm 9

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A Few Easy Pieces to Refresh Your Home After the Holidays

We just returned from an inspiring trip to England and visited many old haunts that reminded me that home really is where the heart is. Home is also where special memories and pieces are collected and that is a philosophy that rules my design decisions when collaborating with clients on their homes and curating DIANI Living. With the holidays over and New Year’s resolutions set, it’s the perfect environment to inspire creativity and new beginnings. Here are a few easy pieces to get the ball rolling. And, if you need on-site help, we now offer in-home consults. For more information, email customercare@dianiliving.com.



Bring in some new pillows to add texture and pattern. Vintage African pom pom pillow ($450) or our French linen pillow ($140).

Hang some new artwork. We love our local Santa Barbara prints by DIANI Living’s Jeffrey Doornbos (starting at $35).

We’ve got you covered when it comes to your health as well. Come in and grab Frank Lipman’s latest book, The New Health Rules ($19.95) and our best selling Ayurvedic copper water bottles ($40).

Our wood sugar molds make a great objet d’art or a handy holder for silverware or herbs ($150).

Bring the outdoors in with some fresh succulents. We love planting a small arrangement in our handmade ceramic pot. ($35). Available in store and online and our table centerpieces available in various sizes and prices in-store.

Please call the store at 805 770 7043 for more information or about our design services.

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A Holiday Greeting From DIANI Living

Sending a little holiday greeting from our DIANI Living family to yours!

Click here

DIANI Living Holiday Video

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1 Gift that Offers 8 Health Benefits

Copper Water Bottles

With the holiday season in full swing and the New Year on the horizon, we have found the perfect gift to give anyone who appreciates beautiful design wrapped in good intentions. These Ayurvedic copper water bottles have many health benefits that will help you through this busy time and start 2017 off on the right foot.

Did you know:

Copper is antimicrobial

Copper helps with arthritis

Copper re-oxygenates the blood

Copper reduces the risk of cancer

Copper strengthens bones

Copper helps prevent allergies

Copper balances all three doshas

Copper is self cleaning and has no odor

Copper Bottle Wide Mouth

Wide Mouth: 2.75″ x 8.5″ 24 oz $40

Copper Bottle Small

Small: 2.75″ x 10″ 24 oz $40

Copper Bottle Large

Large: 3.5″ x 12″ 40 oz $85

Available online here and in store at DIANI Living. Call 1 877 342 6474 for more information.





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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

We’ve been busy getting our website together and organized for the holidays so you can shop with us from wherever you are. We still have so much to do to have our site fully stocked with all the goodies we have in store, but I want to share a few of my current favorites that make me happy and are great gifts for you or someone special. I hope you enjoy our DIANI Living shopping site and we’d love any feedback or suggestions!

Thank you, as always for your support.

Caroline xo


1. Iron Donkey Paperweight or Spoon Rest. Shop here

2. Dynamite Candlesticks in Ivory. Shop here

3. The New Homesteader – Inspired by the modern homesteading movement.  Shop here

4. Locally Handmade Serving Spoon. Shop here

5. 100% Linen and Hand Printed Napkins by Gail Bryson. Shop here

6. Handmade Lace Serving Plate. Shop here

7. Handmade Lace Cookie Dish. Shop here

8. Wood Hangtags. Shop here

9. Susanne Kaufmann Organic Whey Milk Bath Soak. Shop here

For any questions or assistance, call 1 877 342 6474.


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DIANI Living Stages a Home for Sale – Part 2!


Part 2 of the home tour and we’re heading upstairs! This newly remodeled 1929 residence in the heart of Santa Barbara has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and ocean views. This really is a magical home with lots of character and if you’re interested in future Open House dates or any of the pieces of furniture or accessories, email me at caroline@dianiliving.com.






























Photos Arna Bee 

This gorgeous historic 1929 home is for sale and located in a prime spot downtown in Santa Barbara. For more information or to tour the home, contact Ryan Curtis at 805 689 3040 or email ryancurtissb@gmail.com.

UPDATE: This house has sold.

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DIANI Living Stages a Home for Sale – Part 1

DIANI Living

I recently completed my first staging project for a newly remodeled 1929 residence in the heart of Santa Barbara. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to walk into a blank canvas and showcase furniture and accessories that I found with the home in mind. I love breathing life into a space and giving voice to the whispers that I hear when I walk through the rooms. This really is a magical home with lots of character and if you’re interested in future Open House dates or any of the pieces of furniture or accessories, email me at caroline@dianiliving.com. I’ll be posting again this week with Part 2 of the home tour!















Floral arrangement on dining room bureau created by Toast.



Succulent centerpiece arrangement created by Dalla Vita.












Succulent centerpiece arrangement created by Dalla Vita.




Photos Arna Bee

This gorgeous historic 1929 home is for sale and located in a prime spot downtown in Santa Barbara. For more information or to tour the home, contact Ryan Curtis at 805 689 3040 or email ryancurtissb@gmail.com. Part 2 coming tomorrow!





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The Day We Celebrated A Mama-To-Be DIANI Girl

DIANI Living Baby Shower

It’s always fun to celebrate life changing experiences with your co-workers, and we especially enjoyed showering our VP of Web and  Mama-to-be, Whitney last summer.

DIANI Living Baby Shower

The baby shower was safari themed and set up in our back garden with seating on low cushions under Indian print umbrellas to keep it casual and intimate. We served English finger sandwiches and scones and Enjoy cupcakes. Our favorite succulent arrangement designers, Dalla Vita helped us pull everything together with delicate napkin rings, juicy centerpieces, fun paint dipped votive party favors and cake decorations to top off our African wildlife ornament adorned cake.

DIANI Living Baby Shower

 In the end, as often is the case, it was the tiny details that made welcoming Whitney’s little one into the world!

DIANI Living

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower


DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

DIANI Living Baby Shower

Dalla Vita succulent arrangements are available every day at DIANI Living. 1324 State Street Santa Barbara 93101 or visit them online at www.dallavita.com.

Photos Dalla Vita

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Tour of the New DIANI Design Studio

It has been an exciting week since we showcased our new DIANI Design Studio with Sam of Could I Have That. We had been collaborating on a custom floor cushion for her daughter’s reading tent in her bedroom and it was the perfect occasion to give her a tour of the new studio.

DIANI Design Studio came about after a series of design requests at our home store, DIANI Living. With the space being so limited, I was craving and envisioned a space where I could work with a client, spread out fabrics, play with cushions on couches and daybeds and show newest arrivals of vintage finds and furniture. Fast forward about a year and the perfect spot became available downtown in Santa Barbara, not far from our retail stores.

DIANI Design Studio is a project-driven studio offering custom design, interior and art services. We can work with interior concepts in hotels, commercial spaces, residential homes, restaurants and retail. We also design custom furniture, cushions, artwork and collect vintage items.




Having a mezzanine in the studio allows for a quiet work place upstairs and creative “free” studio with large drafting and cutting table on the ground level.

To enquire about a studio appointment or design work, email caroline@dianiliving.com.



Sam’s beautiful daughter, Elin in her special reading tent with her new DIANI Living floor cushion.

All photos by Arna Bee

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DIANI Living Video Part 2 – Happy Mother’s Day!

We especially love that DIANI Living brings parents and their kids in to shop together and, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better occasion to celebrate the beauty of spending time with your little tots outside in the garden.We have everything you need to create a beautiful organic flower or kitchen garden, while looking the part and using the best tools on the market. We’re here 7 days a week to help!

Wishing all you hard working Mamas a very Happy Mother’s Day. DIANI Living loves and admires you xoxo

At DIANI Living:

DIANI Living Stretch Denim Apron: $130 (Available online here)

Organic Cotton Kids Hedgehog Apron: $55

Gardener Lattice Hat: $40

Child Ranch Hat: $25

Love the Glove Gardening Gloves: $35

Straw Tote: $130 (Available online here)

Forged Trowel: $30

Junior Forged Hand Fork: $30

Junior Leather Strap Trowel: $25

Junior Leather Strap Hand Fork: $25

Kids Garden Organic Seed Collection: $13.75

Garden Starter Organic Seed Collection: $27.50

Container Garden Organic Seed Collection: $27.50

Organic Easy Salad Greens Seed Collection: $8.25

Organic Kitchen Herbs Seed Collection: $13.75

All available at DIANI Living. Open 7 days a week. Call 805 770 7043 or email caroline@dianiliving.com for more info. Online Shopping Site for DIANI Living coming very soon!

Special thanks to our lovely Mama, Victoria and her adorable son, Dylan for being such wonderful actors in our video. xo


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Happy Valentine’s Day with Our 1st Video Message

Happy Valentine’s Day from the entire DIANI Living and DIANI team to you. To celebrate this day of love and gratitude, we wanted to share our first ever DIANI Living video with you! We had fun making it and hope you enjoy watching. Click the play button on the bottom image.

Lots of love,


PS. Come and see us today. We’re open from 9 to 6 pm!


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Gift Ideas For The Cook

Whether you have a wannabe cook in your life or someone who is a natural born chef, we have unique and useful gifts to make life if the kitchen easy and much prettier. Here are some of my favorites in the store.


Diani Living/Citizens of Humanity Apron

DIANI Living Apron

Ceramic Growler (available in white, grey or black): $65

Linen Tea Towel (assorted designs available): $26

DIANI Living Apron: $130

Hand Carved Spoon: $66

Handmade Platter: $90

Handmade Candy Dish (also available in grey): $40

Saipua Soap (assorted fragrances): $12

Bakers Twine: $15

Handmade Spoon Rest (assorted designs and colors available): $40

Mushroom Brush: $8

Bottle Brush: $5

Mussel Brush: $10

Call or email us and we’ll help you with your purchase and get it wrapped and shipped to you in no time. Did I tell you we have extra special gift wrap over at DIANI Living? And, it’s complimentary! Store 805 770 7043. Email caroline@dianiliving.com.


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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Him

A gift tells a thousand words and gifts for men call for something extra special and unique. We have you covered with our meticulously curated finds from around the world. Whether it’s an early 20th century flask, or 18th century bottle opener, he’s going to cherish any of these pieces for a lifetime.

Call or email us and we’ll help you with your purchase and get it wrapped and shipped to you in no time. Did I tell you we have extra special gift wrap over at DIANI Living? And, it’s complimentary! Store 805 770 7043. Email caroline@dianiliving.com.


Clockwise from top left:

Man of the World Publication $20

Vintage Glass & Pewter flask $75

1880’s Corkscrew $120

Tajika Hand Forged Branch & Root Shears $110

George Frost Bronze Bracelet $265

Vintage French Leather Envelope $175

George Frost Bronze Key Chain $95

Vintage Ice Cream Scoop $50


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DIANI Living Dream Bedding


With the chilly nights, we’ve been dreaming of cozy beds over at DIANI Living and have a special deal to make that dream bed a reality.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Metallic 22″ square cushions $195, Custom bolster pillow (sold out but taking special orders), White bed throw 96″ x 144″ $275.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Metallic 22″ square cushions $195, Grey stripe cushions 20″ square $75, Grey stripe bed throw 112″ x 90″ $275.


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