Custom Chocolate with Succulent

Custom Chocolate with Succulent

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Custom Chocolate with Succulent

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A delightful anytime gift that is almost too cute to unwrap. Each Twenty-Four Blackbirds chocolate bar is wrapped with DIANI Living gift paper and topped with succulents and a handwritten calligraphy message. Personalized messages are available, please call us at 805.770.7043 or email us at

The perfect add-on to birthday, anniversary or congratulatory presents or as place cards for brunches, weddings, dinner parties and more.

Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolates is inspired by traditional chocolate making techniques and seeks to make artisanal confections that are truly hand-crafted. Unroasted cocoa beans are sourced from single origin estates, growing co-ops and plantations and hand-sorted to remove any beans that are flawed or otherwise do not meet their strict standards of quality. Roast profiles are developed to accentuate the subtle, and often delicate, flavor characteristics inherent in beans from each origin. The ingredients are then refined in a traditional stone melangeur, tempered, and molded by hand.