Wellness Incense, Pure Rest

Wellness Incense, Pure Rest

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Wellness Incense, Pure Rest

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The burning of incense can be traced back thousands of years through India’s history. Being both a cultural and spiritual practice, the use of incense is still an intrinsic part of Indian society today. Originally produced by monks, incense was traditionally used for medicinal purposes and its healing power was believed to bring about positive energy and have a soothing effect on the mind, body, and soul. Different combinations of botanical ingredients allow for a great diversity of aromas, each of which can promote a variety of effects from calming to revitalizing and energizing. Through its long-standing trade, Wellness Incense has played an integral role in connecting India with the rest of the world.

Allow yourself to fully unwind at bedtime with Uma Pure Rest. This potent herbal formula promotes deep and restful sleep, restoring the natural rest cycle by supporting the body’s transition from day to night. Envelop yourself in the aroma of this intoxicating blend to slip off to sleep without any restlessness.

Includes 15 sticks
Scent Notes: Grounding Calamus, Earthy Centella Asiatica