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Pillow Talk with Caitlin Flemming

DIANI Living is rooted in beautiful interiors and well-crafted home and lifestyle pieces (just take a look inside our store), but what really inspires us is connecting with fellow female entrepreneurs. To celebrate creative women and their talents, we are excited to announce our new Pillow Talk series, which features a fun and intimate Q&A with the women that inspire us.

To kick things off, we visited  Sacramento Street blogger and interior designer Caitlin Flemming inside her newly refreshed, DIANI Living-inspired bedroom, where we talked career success, work-life balance and sleep rituals.

When you were in school, what was your favorite subject and what did you want to “grow up” to be?

As a little girl I dreamed of being a travel photographer. We traveled quite a bit for my dads work in conservation that took us to remote places around the world. Capturing the places we went to was how I was able to connect with each place. In college, I was drawn immediately to my entrepreneurship class. The fact that I could pave my own way and journey was intriguing.

What contributed to your goal of becoming the taste maker businesswoman that you are today?

Since a young age I’ve had this entrepreneurial spirit. My parents have always told me to follow my heart and do what I love. I remember them saying “you only live once, don’t waste it doing what you don’t love.”

What do you think is the single most important ingredient to success?

Hard work and a positive attitude.

What’s the most challenging part of your professional life?

Right now things are changing so quickly. In social media you have to be at the pulse of what is happening. In interior design it’s become more challenging because clients have access to everything via the internet.

Which female entrepreneurs do you admire?

We currently live in a time where women are taking initiative and paving their own way. What I love most about this day and age is the fact that we can create our own path. There have been many that had a huge influence on me – one that had the largest impact was Erica Tanov who I worked for in college and who mentored me. She truly brought out the creative spirit I now have.

How to you try to manage your work/life balance?

There is no right way to manage being a mom, a wife and a business owner. I’m constantly putting on many hats throughout the day. Some days are easy and others I feel like a hurricane is going off in my head and I’m not doing any role perfectly.

What’s the biggest gift you give yourself to recharge?

Honestly, an hour Pilates class or a long walk with a girlfriend or kids is all I need. Being in nature always helps me think about what’s truly important in life.

What’s the first thing you do after you wake up?

Make my husband and I a cup of tea.

What’s the last thing you do before bed?

Go into each kid’s room to say goodnight even when they are sleeping.

Any sleep rituals that you use to help quiet the mind after a long day?

Technology off at 9pm. It’s helped me unwind from a long day of work and life as a mom.

Handwoven Batik Pillow, SOLD, similar styles available here

What do you love most about your bed?

The layers. I love linens and pillows. I’m obsessed with switching up my bed linens each season for the different temperatures. In the summer we have to add layers because of our foggy nights!

How do you make your bedroom a sacred space?

It’s a serene space. I believe that your bedroom should be calming and quiet all the noise in your head. The neutral palate makes it feel like a little oasis from how hectic our days can be.

What do you see yourself doing next to express yourself professionally?

Writing a book. It’s been a lifelong dream to work with my mom on writing a book. We are currently photographing homes around the world and I can’t wait to show everyone the final product!

What is something you’ve accomplished personally or professionally that you never dreamed possible for yourself?

This book. We went through years of what to write about and I was always worried that a publisher wouldn’t understand our vision. Luckily one did!

Thank you Caitlin, we wish you all the best in your new endeavors!


Shop the Story

Grain Sack Pillow, Double Blue Stripe, $150

African Batik Blue Pillow, $165

Dark Grey Batik Pillow, 22×22, $175

Dark Grey Batik Pillow, 18×18, $150

Dakhla Throw Blanket, $375

Kesh Bed Cover with Large Pompoms, $350

Drapey V Sweater, $370

The Stunner Zip Ankle Step Fray, $210

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Our DIANI Living Refresh for Sacramento Street


Known for her impeccable style and eye for interior design, Caitlin Flemming is one of our favorites when it comes to creating inspiring spaces. Hailing from San Francisco’s city streets, Caitlin travels around the world looking for her latest source of inspiration.

On a recent trip to Santa Barbara’s shoreline, Caitlin stopped into DIANI Living and discovered the perfect home pieces for a living room refresh. This week she featured her new and improved space on her lifestyle blog Sacramento Street, where she posts on interiors, style, travel and photography.

Here’s a peek inside Caitlin’s light and airy living room, where she has layered her space with DIANI Living pillows, baskets and more!



Caitlin layered our custom made African Mudcloth Tribal Print Pillow, Dotted Line Pillow and Dark Grey Batik & Brown Poms Pillow on her sofa as accent pieces. Crafted from vintage handmade fabrics, these pillows feature a soft French linen backing. The grey and light blue hues add a beautiful contrast to her bright white space.



With little ones running around, this mother of two needed a stylish, yet efficient space to store toys that get scattered around the house. Not only is the extra large Woven Reed Basket practical, it also serves as a beautiful textural piece for her living room.

We love how Caitlin included two of her own amazing rugs to keep with the light blue and grey color story. DIANI Living carries a similar handwoven Raw Jute Rug and a variety of one-of-a-kind vintage Turkish rugs in store and online. Layering them up is a great way to tie a room together, while making the space comfortable and cozy.


Thais Sandal by Ancient Greek Sandals

Thank you Caitlin! We can’t wait to see your bedroom refresh on Monday!

Stop by DIANI Living in-store or shop our products online.

Photos By Andreas Posadas


Shop the Story

African Mud Cloth Tribal Print Pillow, $130

Dotted Line Pillow, $150


Dark Grey Batik & Brown Poms Pillow, $350

Woven Reed Basket, $450


100% Raw Jute Rug, $195

Thais Sandal, $320

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The Essentials: Spring Getaway


Whether you’re jetting off to the Greek Islands or laying low on our local coastline, make sure you’re headed to your getaway destination in style. From a breezy shirt dress to a refreshing facial mist, we have gathered the travel essentials that will make packing your bags a breeze.



Start with a statement piece and add on neutrals that can pair with any look you choose. The Harshman Harlow Shirt Dress is versatile and easy to wear, whether you’re heading to the beach or out for a casual dinner. Throw it on as a swim suit cover up with Ancient Greek Sandals or wear unbuttoned over an Isabel Marant tee and white MOTHER denim.

We like to keep it simple when it comes to packing accessories. Choose two or three favorites that tie your look together and feel effortless (you are on vacation after all). The palm straw Outback Hat is a beach day must-have and provides the best form of SPF, while the Oliver Peoples Floriana Sunglasses play double duty – blocking the sun’s ray and keeping you beach-chic all day long.

Aloe + Rosewater Balancing Mist, $35

Conscious Coconut Oil, $18

Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oil, $58

Deo Stick, $59
































Inflight Travel Case, $250

Last but not least, traveling with clean, effective skincare products is a must. After a day in the sun, freshen up with Susanne Kaufmann’s Deo Stick, spritz on the hydrating Aloe + Rosewater Balancing Mist and lather up with the ultra-moisturizing Conscious Coconut Oil. Keep all of those skincare essentials where you can see them, in the ultra chic Anya Hindmarch Inflight Travel Case. Just toss it into your bag and and set off on that much needed getaway!


Visit DIANI Boutique and DIANI Living online and in-store for all your travel essentials and much more!

(Top image via Luxury Retreats)

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Entered The Chill Zone


Gone Vacationing! Be back soon!

Caroline xo

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Memorial Day Shred

Goldsign Shred Jeans

I dipped my toe in the water with a little knee shredding on my denim last season and we’ve all noticed that designers have taken the look a lot further this season. I love contrasting super casual worn in jeans with a crisp white top or a silk blouse. For a comfortable higher waisted, relaxed hip shredded jean, try GoldSign’s Stevie. Just arrived at DIANI!

Goldsign Shredded jeans Goldsign Shred jeans

Goldsign Shred jeans   A.P.C topPeonies
Shredded Jeans

A.P.C Brode cotton top here. GoldSign Stevie jeans. New arrival! Call 1 877 342 6474 or email customercare@dianiboutique.com for more information. Loeffler Randall Ceci pumps here. Emporio Armani clutch (old). Similar here.

Happy Memorial Day! Caroline xoxo

Photos Jeffrey Doornbos

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DIANI and The Rebrand

DIANI Branding

I’m like a giddy school girl these days because, Gail, my close childhood friend from England and I have been working on another project together. Gail did such an amazing job designing our wedding invitations that I couldn’t wait to collaborate with her again on a rebrand of DIANI. Over 13 years ago, Gail worked her magic creating the initial branding which included the signature DIANI Beach picture that my father took of my sister and I strolling down it’s white sands. With that still a big element, Gail came up with idea to incorporate some similar imagery from Santa Barbara, where the business was launched. So, keeping it in the family, I assigned my brilliant husband to take the scenes that would be front and center on our Returns Policy card for web and one of our Thank You cards. Gail is the master of cool fonts, layouts and color and she struck that sweet balance of updating a brand whilst honoring it’s origin. Here are some of the elements that you’ll find at our boutiques and if you shop online with us at dianiboutique.com. Gail, thank you for your huge talent and friendship.

Check out Gail’s print design website here where she has curated some of her best selling wall art prints and printed cushions. And, they’re all for sale!

DIANI Branding

DIANI Branding

DIANI Branding

DIANI Branding

DIANI Branding

DIANI Branding

Coming soon! Our reusable totes! Here is a sneak peek below.

DIANI Branding

Folio/Wootton Printing does all of our printing, whether it’s letterpress or inkjet. The owner, Frank takes pride in the craft of hand printing and is meticulous when it come to detail. Thank you Frank for being on the same page as me, always. Check out his new location if you’re in Santa Barbara. Details here.

Photos Jeffrey Doornbos

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A Tale of Two White Shirts and a Denim Skirt

Mother Patchie Skirt

I think we can all agree that you can never have too many white shirts. They kind of fall into the jeans camp where different looks call for different cuts. Sometimes you need a high neck, sometimes a short sleeve, and sometimes the kind of fabric is what’s integral to making an outfit work. As we move into summer, I’ve started clearing out some older styles and restocking my wardrobe with white tops. These two by Mother and IRO have already been in steady rotation. And, I’ve found the perfect pencil skirt. And, it’s denim! And, that means I’ll be wearing it a lot!

Mother Patchie Skirt

Loeffler Randall Ceci Pump

Loeffler Randall Ceci Pump

White Mother Frenchie shirt here. Mother Patchie denim skirt here. IRO Vinton belt. Loeffler Randall Ceci heels here. All available at DIANI. Call 1 877 342 6474 or email customercare@dianiboutique.com for more information.

Mother Patchie Skirt

IRO Jesse Top

IRO Vinton Belt

Dolce and Gabbana Nails

 IRO Kelsey top. Mother Patchie denim skirt here. IRO Vinton belt. Loeffler Randall Ceci heels here. All available at DIANI. Call 1 877 342 6474 or email customercare@dianiboutique.com for more information.

Photos Jeffrey Doornbos


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Chloe – Back to the Blocks

Chloe Block Heel

A new crop of heels are emerging and they’re sturdy and chic and and dare I say practical. The chunky blocks go perfectly with a cropped wide pant or boyfriend jean and give the height you need to still feel elegant. I love the flesh tone of my new Chloe blocks. They’re fresh and help transition my wardrobe to spring. For a lower heel version, check out another favorite style by Loeffler Randall here.

Chloe Block Heels

Chloe Block Heel

Venessa Arizaga Scull and Coral Pendants

I’m a sucker for a gold pendant or two and Venessa Arizaga stole my heart with these scull and coral gems (also available in a shark tooth). New arrivals to DIANI. Call 1 877 342 6474.

Venessa Arizaga Scull and Coral Pendants

Chloe Block Heels

Chloe Block Heel Booties here. Goldsign His Jeans in Ursula wash here. The Row white shirt (old), similar here. Jerome Dreyfuss Albert bag here. Venessa Arizaga Coral and Scull pendants. New arrivals! Call 1 877 342 6474 for more information.

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Paris Fashion Week Wrap Up

A picture’s worth a thousand words and no more so than pictures of Paris. Fashion Week in Paris is like nowhere else in the world. The city is fashion and fashion is the city. It all works seamlessly together. So, whether you’re there to visit the museums, or to plow through the showrooms, it all seems like walking through poetry. Here are some highlights from my trip earlier this month.

All images Caroline Diani except image 10. Credit Maja Wyh

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Ruffles, Leather and Four-legged Friends

Valentine’s Day may be two weeks away, but I’m already committing to frequent quality time with my hubby and the pups, especially since I’m leaving for a buying trip to New York very soon. And sneaking away in the middle of the day for an impromptu lunch break and walk is like an instant shot of romance and fun. Romance and fun… not just for night time dates after all!

Isabel Marant Aiden dress here. Muubaa Volta moto jacket here. Saint Laurent boots (old), alternative here. Oliver Peoples sunnies. Call 1 877 342 6474 for more information.

Guest appearances by Plum and Raisin.

Photos Leela Cyd

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Head Over Heels

Jeffrey getting flowers

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s a great motivator to rev up the romance, get dressed up to the nines and go on date nights with your lover. And, it doesn’t hurt when your Valentine shows up with your favorite flowers. Painting the town pink never felt so good.

Isabel Marant Yann dress here. Ruby stone Marcia Moran earrings ($165) Call 1 877 342 6474 for more information. Isabel Marant Play sandals (below) here.

Photos Leela Cyd. Last photo Jeffrey Doornbos

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Stilettos and Sweats

Stilettos and Sweats 4

I often find myself on the road to LA for meetings or events wanting to be comfortable in the car, but also look put together on arrival. I don’t want to have to do some Wonder Woman-like change in a bathroom, or, as is the case sometimes, between my car doors. It’s quite an art form and something I’m now learning how to avoid. I’ve discovered really cool ways of dressing up sweats. Raquel Allegra always makes super soft, lightweight ones in beautiful muted colors and prints. I’ll wear them in the car with flats or sandals and a tank top and once I’ve reached my destination, throw on a pair of heels or booties and a blazer or cashmere sweater. It’s that easy! I drove down yesterday to see my husband in a play and pulled this effortless and easy look together.

Stilettos and Sweats

Stilettos and Sweats 5

Stilettos and Sweats 7

Stilettos and Sweats 8

Anya Hindmarch Carker Wristlet

Stilettos and Sweats 9

Stilettos and Sweats 10

Raquel Allegra tie-dye sweats here. Liam cashmere sweater (old) similar here. Sergio Rossi nude suede pump here. Anya Hindmarch Carker wristlet in grey mist here. (also available in black).

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Girls Day – Food and Fashion



I recently hosted a girls day at DIANI with the uber stylish Courtney Trop, the mastermind behind one of my favorite fashion blogs, Always Judging. She’s in a league of her own when it comes to effortless street style and it was pretty cool playing dress-up with her at DIANI. It was also fun to take a break and have a ladies lunch at Carlito’s. It’s not often that any of us get a chance to indulge in a sit down meal on a work day, so this was a power lunch we all savored.



Miss Courtney Trop of Always Judging



You can’t go wrong with some authentic Mexican grub at Carlito’s, plus an outside patio with a view of the stunning Arlington Theater. Try the ceviche. It’s crazy good!



Good food and fashion shared with girls is always worth celebrating.


The head of dianiboutique.com, Miss Whitney Moser. She’s just an email away and loves to personal shop for online clients. Give her a holla.


Smythe Smoking Jacket here. Isabel Marant Ghazo scarf here.


Rag&Bone Rani pants here. Heels (Courtney’s).


Rag&Bone Earhart blouse here.

Oliver Peoples Shades

Courtney’s accessory picks from Oliver Peoples, Lionette and Lulu Frost. Call DIANI at 1 877 342 6474 for more information. Check out more from our day with Courtney over on her blog here.

Photos Leela Cyd

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On The Twelfth Day of a DIANI Christmas

Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of a DIANI Christmas, my true love gave to me, an Alice by Temperley sequined dress for our New Year’s Eve party, and the wish for our loved ones to have a 2014 filled with health, happiness and the kind of love that makes you count your lucky stars and dream as big as the sea. (Psst, keep reading below for a killer deal to help you with your holiday shopping).

Twelfth Night of Christmas

Alice by Temperley Erte dress. Sold out in ivory, wine here Guess what? DIANI is most definitely in the mood for giving on the 12th day of a DIANI Christmas! Today only, in-store and online here at DIANI, receive 20% off any purchase of dresses. For online, use dresses20 at checkout.

Photos Leela Cyd

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On The Eleventh Day of a DIANI Christmas

Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of a DIANI Christmas, my true love gave to me, two initial Lulu Frost Plaza Collection pendants, a stack of numeric rings to match and a fun snake chain blue pendant necklace for an upcoming holiday party.

Eleventh Day of Christmas

Lulu Frost Plaza initial necklace here. Any initial can be ordered (M, D, C, A in stock). Lulu Frost Code number ring here. Any number can be ordered (1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 in stock). Call 1 877 342 6474 for more information. Lulu Frost Snake necklace here.

Photos Leela Cyd

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On The Tenth Day of a DIANI Christmas

Tenth Day of Christmas

On the tenth day of a DIANI Christmas, my true love gave to me, a boat trip out to the Islands, and to stay warm, a cozy faux fur collared Smythe coat and a hip flask filled with Hot Toddy. (Psst, keep reading below for a killer deal to help you with your holiday shopping).

Tenth Day of Christmas

Smythe coat (sold out). Shop more Smythe here. Guess what? DIANI is still in the mood for giving for the rest of the 12 days of Christmas! Today only, in-store and online here at DIANI, receive 20% off any purchase of ANY outerwear. For online, use outerwear20 at checkout.

Photos Leela Cyd

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On The Eighth Day of a DIANI Christmas

Eighth Day of Christmas

On the eighth day of a DIANI Christmas, my true love gave to me, a set of four colorful silk Jane Carr scarves and a sunset beach walk with some dark chocolate covered almonds and a bottle of bubbly. (Psst, keep reading below for a killer deal to help you with your holiday shopping).

Eighth Day of Christmas

Jane Carr scarves here, here, here and here. Guess what? DIANI is in the mood for giving for the rest of the 12 days of Christmas! Today only, in-store and online here at DIANI, receive 20% off any purchase of ANY scarves. For online, use scarves20 at checkout.

Photos Leela Cyd

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Small Business Saturday! Tomorrow!

Shop Small

Small Business Saturday is tomorrow and, as we all rev up our engines and head out for the best deals and check off our holiday gifts list, I like to support the locally owned, independent stores in my town. The local book store, wine shop, clothing boutiques, home store, apothecary boutique, juice bar, patisserie, skincare spa..the list goes on. It feels good on so many levels. I know the owners, I know the people who work there everyday and how dedicated they are. I know their history, so I’m invested and they’re invested in their community.

As a small business owner, I want to thank you all for the support you have shown me. It means everything, knowing that you have so many choices and you choose to shop small and local. When you support a local business, that business, in turn supports local businesses, from suppliers, to maintenance personnel, to accountants and everything in-between. Because, not only does supporting independent businesses make a thriving local economy, it makes one’s town a better place to live, work and visit. In return for that love and support, I, like other local business owners, are also committed to supporting local non-profits and schools. So, if you want to help your town develop a unique and special fingerprint, shop locally. Small is beautiful.

Caroline xoxo

Some of the places I like to shop:

Chaucer’s, Wine Grotto, Botanik, Upstairs at Pierre LafondTreat, C’est Cheese, Renaud’s Bakery, Juice Ranch, Skin Resolutions and, yes, DIANI.

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Round Up – Paris Fashion Week

Postcards from Paris

I’ve been off the grid for a few weeks traveling and have so much to share! The hubby and I finally found time to take our honeymoon (more on that later) and I had a trip to Paris for Fashion Week and a birthday celebration for a close friend. Paris is always magical, but when you add amazing collections to view for spring and equally amazing friends to share the city with, I really do have a lot to be thankful for.

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For the Love of Fashion

I can’t even begin to express how much I love my job. My degree was in clothing design and I’ve been in this industry for 22 years, so the fact that I’m as enamored as I’ve always been and continually learning, is amazing! As the buyer for my boutiques and e-commerce site, I’m constantly inspired by design, style, cut, fit and fabric. It’s such a rush when you find all those qualities in a designer’s collection or even just a single piece. You feel giddy with excitement. It’s the best kind of hunting and gathering and, each night, after a day filled with viewing collections, I map out each piece in my head and how it all works together. This is where the curating of a DIANI collection begins. It’s a constant dance of editing and adding to bring the best of the best to my customers and I feel honored to do it.

Lulu Frost Earrings

You’ll see me wearing Lulu Frost jewelry a lot. It’s a new addition to DIANI and these earrings are insane! Love the color, love the textures and love that they’re super lightweight.

Isabel Marant Harem Pant

Helmut Lang blazer (old) similar here. Isabel Marant harem pant (old) similar here and here. Inhabit t shirt (old) similar here. Loeffler Randall Tamsin heel here.

Loeffler Randall Tamsin Heel

Loeffler Randall Tamsin heels here. Anya Hindmarch Pimlico bag here.

Isabel Marant Harem Pant

Vanessa Bruno Showroom

Checking out the beautiful spring collection from Vanessa Bruno.

Vanessa Bruno Spring 2014

Vanessa Bruno Showroom

Vanessa Bruno Spring 2014

A butter soft leather jacket from Vanessa Bruno.


Vanessa Bruno Showroom

Part of the fun of buying is getting to visit uber cool, beautifully lit lofts and showrooms. I always fantasize about what I would do to turn it into an apartment.

Vanessa Bruno Showroom

The color palette of my picks from the Vanessa Bruno collection. Every silhouette has serious style – the epitome of statement pieces.

Vanessa Bruno Showroom

Making my accessory selections.

Photos Rebecca Dale.

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