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Photo Diary – Paris

It’s been busy busy in Paris for Fashion Week, but I always make time to appreciate the beauty of this incredibly romantic city. Today was the first day the sun came out and it couldn’t have been more perfect, especially as my sister was with me! Here are some highlights.

Parisians make floral boutiques jewels boxes, even when space is limited.

Some stunning florals on the ceiling of a room in the Bonpoint children’s boutique.

Artwork on the walls in the entry at Merci.

Attache cases are making a comeback! I should have kept mine from the 80’s.

Beautiful pottery in Merci.

Probably the most photographed car in Paris.

I’m calling this, “Squiggles Architecture”.

The magnificent Louvre.

For those of you that say I don’t take enough selflies, here you go!

The serenity of the Seine.

Have you locked your love in Paris yet?

A good way to get around the city.

What a lovely change from the cold, wet weather of last week!

The Jardin de Tuileries.

Me and my big sis.

Paul saves the day when you have a croissant craving.

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