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Paris Fashion Week Wrap Up

A picture’s worth a thousand words and no more so than pictures of Paris. Fashion Week in Paris is like nowhere else in the world. The city is fashion and fashion is the city. It all works seamlessly together. So, whether you’re there to visit the museums, or to plow through the showrooms, it all seems like walking through poetry. Here are some highlights from my trip earlier this month.

All images Caroline Diani except image 10. Credit Maja Wyh

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Round Up – Paris Fashion Week

Postcards from Paris

I’ve been off the grid for a few weeks traveling and have so much to share! The hubby and I finally found time to take our honeymoon (more on that later) and I had a trip to Paris for Fashion Week and a birthday celebration for a close friend. Paris is always magical, but when you add amazing collections to view for spring and equally amazing friends to share the city with, I really do have a lot to be thankful for.

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Photo Diary – Paris

It’s been busy busy in Paris for Fashion Week, but I always make time to appreciate the beauty of this incredibly romantic city. Today was the first day the sun came out and it couldn’t have been more perfect, especially as my sister was with me! Here are some highlights.

Parisians make floral boutiques jewels boxes, even when space is limited.

Some stunning florals on the ceiling of a room in the Bonpoint children’s boutique.

Artwork on the walls in the entry at Merci.

Attache cases are making a comeback! I should have kept mine from the 80’s.

Beautiful pottery in Merci.

Probably the most photographed car in Paris.

I’m calling this, “Squiggles Architecture”.

The magnificent Louvre.

For those of you that say I don’t take enough selflies, here you go!

The serenity of the Seine.

Have you locked your love in Paris yet?

A good way to get around the city.

What a lovely change from the cold, wet weather of last week!

The Jardin de Tuileries.

Me and my big sis.

Paul saves the day when you have a croissant craving.

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Bonjour, mon ami, Paris.

There’s something hypnotic about Paris at dusk. The street lights, locals hitting the brasseries for a pre-dinner aperitif, the buzzing of vespas whizzing by. It’s all so energizing and I LOVE walking around at this time. Here are some shots I took tonight from the neighborhood I’ve been calling home during Paris Fashion Week for the last 10 years.

Hanii Y Cape – Perfect for fall. It gives you a little warmth, but lots of ventilation in the arms.

Rag & Bone sweater

And, not to be taken for granted, my trusty Leica camera. Perfect for snap shooting on the run.

The best chocolate chip and pecan cookie ever!

Tomorrow, the shopping begins! Standby for an update!

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Leaving on a Jet Plane (again)

I’m heading up to San Francisco this weekend for a wedding and then off to catch Paris Fashion Week. I’ll be sending you my updates as usual, so stay tuned! Happy Friday!

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Balmy over Burberry

I’m head-over-heels for the Fall 2012 Burberry Collection. A definite stand-out for me in Paris this week.

DIANI Living Burberry CollectionDIANI Living Burberry CollectionDIANI Living Burberry Collection

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Notes from a buyer- A day off in Paris

A day off in Paris - Caroline Diani

1. & 2. Breakfast: pain au chocolat at Paul and pads of lilies at Monet’s exhibit at L’Orangerie.

3. Mid Morning snack: Have a smooch with the statue outside (don’t tell your boyfriend).


A day off in Paris - Caroline Diani
4. – 6. Lunch: The French don’t lunch, they walk. With all that cheese, how do you think they stay so skinny? So, hoof it to Square du Vert Galant, then over to Notre Dame, and end in awe, staring at the stained glass of La Sainte-Chapelle.


7. & 8. Afternoon Snack: Amorino dark chocolate gelato, followed by getting your nose stuck into some Shakespeare (don’t tell Moliere) at the old bookstore near the Pont Neuf.
9. Dinner: Escargots (don’t tell your trainer) and then walk it off up the Eiffel Tower (tell your trainer).
10. And, like I’ll always say, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.

11. Ps: See if you can find some Invader graffiti.


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