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When in a Pinch

My good friend, Gail came out to our wedding from England with a big box. I mean a big box. We had no idea what she was hiding in that box until she presented it to us after our wedding. And it has already become the most used piece of furniture in the house, especially since I’m vertically challenged without heels. Hidden inside the box, was a stool. But not just any ol’ stool. The Imo Folding stool from Pinch.

Pinch is the collaboration between husband and wife design team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon and is run from their studio in Clapham, London. They design and build furniture that they, quote, “want to surround ourselves with. We indulged ourselves with the details and didn’t compromise on the materials. The result is our growing collection and we are delighted to have been nominated for, and to have won, design awards along the way.”

And I love it. It’s beautiful, reliable, and always there when I need a lift… just like my dear friend Gail.

Pinch Bench

The Imo Folding Stool. Made from American walnut and oak top with a walnut wall hanging beg for easy storage. Love that!

Pinch Bench

Beautifully designed with simple lines and careful details.

Pinch Bench

Pinch Bench

Pinch Design

Visit the Pinch Design website here.



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