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A Farm House Update


We spent most of last month in New York on a buying trip and I was commuting from our Farm House in the Hudson Valley into the city. As spring turns into summer in the Hudson Valley, the place has really come alive. From blossoming buds and green pastures to sweet baby goats and afternoon rain storms. Jeffrey and I split our time between restoration projects, interior updates and slowing way down for magic hour.

By far one of the most exciting parts of our trip was being interviewed and photographed by The New York Times. On Sunday they published a feature on our 1752 Dutch Colonial Farm House, detailing the journey that led us to find our historical Hudson Valley home. See the full article online here.

I took a few pics of how its looking this summer. Follow along on Insta @hudsonvalleyfarm for more!


Vintage Pillows and Throws

We are in the process of sourcing brick and stone tile for our dining room floor. After that we’ll be moving on to restoring the walls and heating system in the living room.


Flower arrangements by Athabold Flowers


Sundown means tequila on the rocks in our house.


Vintage Wood Bench and Linen Bedding, call to order


Shop similar Grain Sack Pillows here


From left to right, Greta and Gertrude on duty to clear poison ivy around the house and to snuggle with, of course.


The best area of the house in the summer is outside. Just walking around the garden is so inspiring.


We inherited a beautiful country garden, and many flowers. Snow drops, daffodils, bleeding hearts, peonies, iris, lilac bushes, spirea bushes, magnolia and this clematis vine growing up the side of our smokehouse.


Shop the pillows, throws, bedding and wooden benches that you see in this story in-store or online at dianliving.com. If you have any questions, our customer care team would be happy to help! Call 877.342.6474 or email customercare@dianiliving.com.


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Vintage Blue Floral + Linen Pillow, Poms

Vintage Blue Floral + Linen Pillow with Poms, $295

Vintage Linen Pillow

Vintage Linen Pillow, $175

Dakhla Throw Blanket

Dakhla Throw Blanket, $375

Vintage Wood Bench

Vintage Wood Bench, starting at $265

Grain Sack Pillow, Triple Blue Stripe

Grain Sack Pillow, Triple Blue Stripe, $160

Flocca Duvet Cover, Floss

Flocca Duvet Cover in Floss, starting at $449, Call to Order

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Pillow Talk with Caitlin Flemming

DIANI Living is rooted in beautiful interiors and well-crafted home and lifestyle pieces (just take a look inside our store), but what really inspires us is connecting with fellow female entrepreneurs. To celebrate creative women and their talents, we are excited to announce our new Pillow Talk series, which features a fun and intimate Q&A with the women that inspire us.

To kick things off, we visited  Sacramento Street blogger and interior designer Caitlin Flemming inside her newly refreshed, DIANI Living-inspired bedroom, where we talked career success, work-life balance and sleep rituals.

When you were in school, what was your favorite subject and what did you want to “grow up” to be?

As a little girl I dreamed of being a travel photographer. We traveled quite a bit for my dads work in conservation that took us to remote places around the world. Capturing the places we went to was how I was able to connect with each place. In college, I was drawn immediately to my entrepreneurship class. The fact that I could pave my own way and journey was intriguing.

What contributed to your goal of becoming the taste maker businesswoman that you are today?

Since a young age I’ve had this entrepreneurial spirit. My parents have always told me to follow my heart and do what I love. I remember them saying “you only live once, don’t waste it doing what you don’t love.”

What do you think is the single most important ingredient to success?

Hard work and a positive attitude.

What’s the most challenging part of your professional life?

Right now things are changing so quickly. In social media you have to be at the pulse of what is happening. In interior design it’s become more challenging because clients have access to everything via the internet.

Which female entrepreneurs do you admire?

We currently live in a time where women are taking initiative and paving their own way. What I love most about this day and age is the fact that we can create our own path. There have been many that had a huge influence on me – one that had the largest impact was Erica Tanov who I worked for in college and who mentored me. She truly brought out the creative spirit I now have.

How to you try to manage your work/life balance?

There is no right way to manage being a mom, a wife and a business owner. I’m constantly putting on many hats throughout the day. Some days are easy and others I feel like a hurricane is going off in my head and I’m not doing any role perfectly.

What’s the biggest gift you give yourself to recharge?

Honestly, an hour Pilates class or a long walk with a girlfriend or kids is all I need. Being in nature always helps me think about what’s truly important in life.

What’s the first thing you do after you wake up?

Make my husband and I a cup of tea.

What’s the last thing you do before bed?

Go into each kid’s room to say goodnight even when they are sleeping.

Any sleep rituals that you use to help quiet the mind after a long day?

Technology off at 9pm. It’s helped me unwind from a long day of work and life as a mom.

Handwoven Batik Pillow, SOLD, similar styles available here

What do you love most about your bed?

The layers. I love linens and pillows. I’m obsessed with switching up my bed linens each season for the different temperatures. In the summer we have to add layers because of our foggy nights!

How do you make your bedroom a sacred space?

It’s a serene space. I believe that your bedroom should be calming and quiet all the noise in your head. The neutral palate makes it feel like a little oasis from how hectic our days can be.

What do you see yourself doing next to express yourself professionally?

Writing a book. It’s been a lifelong dream to work with my mom on writing a book. We are currently photographing homes around the world and I can’t wait to show everyone the final product!

What is something you’ve accomplished personally or professionally that you never dreamed possible for yourself?

This book. We went through years of what to write about and I was always worried that a publisher wouldn’t understand our vision. Luckily one did!

Thank you Caitlin, we wish you all the best in your new endeavors!


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Grain Sack Pillow, Double Blue Stripe, $150

African Batik Blue Pillow, $165

Dark Grey Batik Pillow, 22×22, $175

Dark Grey Batik Pillow, 18×18, $150

Dakhla Throw Blanket, $375

Kesh Bed Cover with Large Pompoms, $350

Drapey V Sweater, $370

The Stunner Zip Ankle Step Fray, $210

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Our DIANI Living Refresh for Sacramento Street


Known for her impeccable style and eye for interior design, Caitlin Flemming is one of our favorites when it comes to creating inspiring spaces. Hailing from San Francisco’s city streets, Caitlin travels around the world looking for her latest source of inspiration.

On a recent trip to Santa Barbara’s shoreline, Caitlin stopped into DIANI Living and discovered the perfect home pieces for a living room refresh. This week she featured her new and improved space on her lifestyle blog Sacramento Street, where she posts on interiors, style, travel and photography.

Here’s a peek inside Caitlin’s light and airy living room, where she has layered her space with DIANI Living pillows, baskets and more!



Caitlin layered our custom made African Mudcloth Tribal Print Pillow, Dotted Line Pillow and Dark Grey Batik & Brown Poms Pillow on her sofa as accent pieces. Crafted from vintage handmade fabrics, these pillows feature a soft French linen backing. The grey and light blue hues add a beautiful contrast to her bright white space.



With little ones running around, this mother of two needed a stylish, yet efficient space to store toys that get scattered around the house. Not only is the extra large Woven Reed Basket practical, it also serves as a beautiful textural piece for her living room.

We love how Caitlin included two of her own amazing rugs to keep with the light blue and grey color story. DIANI Living carries a similar handwoven Raw Jute Rug and a variety of one-of-a-kind vintage Turkish rugs in store and online. Layering them up is a great way to tie a room together, while making the space comfortable and cozy.


Thais Sandal by Ancient Greek Sandals

Thank you Caitlin! We can’t wait to see your bedroom refresh on Monday!

Stop by DIANI Living in-store or shop our products online.

Photos By Andreas Posadas


Shop the Story

African Mud Cloth Tribal Print Pillow, $130

Dotted Line Pillow, $150


Dark Grey Batik & Brown Poms Pillow, $350

Woven Reed Basket, $450


100% Raw Jute Rug, $195

Thais Sandal, $320

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The Essentials: Spring Getaway


Whether you’re jetting off to the Greek Islands or laying low on our local coastline, make sure you’re headed to your getaway destination in style. From a breezy shirt dress to a refreshing facial mist, we have gathered the travel essentials that will make packing your bags a breeze.



Start with a statement piece and add on neutrals that can pair with any look you choose. The Harshman Harlow Shirt Dress is versatile and easy to wear, whether you’re heading to the beach or out for a casual dinner. Throw it on as a swim suit cover up with Ancient Greek Sandals or wear unbuttoned over an Isabel Marant tee and white MOTHER denim.

We like to keep it simple when it comes to packing accessories. Choose two or three favorites that tie your look together and feel effortless (you are on vacation after all). The palm straw Outback Hat is a beach day must-have and provides the best form of SPF, while the Oliver Peoples Floriana Sunglasses play double duty – blocking the sun’s ray and keeping you beach-chic all day long.

Aloe + Rosewater Balancing Mist, $35

Conscious Coconut Oil, $18

Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oil, $58

Deo Stick, $59
































Inflight Travel Case, $250

Last but not least, traveling with clean, effective skincare products is a must. After a day in the sun, freshen up with Susanne Kaufmann’s Deo Stick, spritz on the hydrating Aloe + Rosewater Balancing Mist and lather up with the ultra-moisturizing Conscious Coconut Oil. Keep all of those skincare essentials where you can see them, in the ultra chic Anya Hindmarch Inflight Travel Case. Just toss it into your bag and and set off on that much needed getaway!


Visit DIANI Boutique and DIANI Living online and in-store for all your travel essentials and much more!

(Top image via Luxury Retreats)

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Paris Fashion Week Wrap Up

A picture’s worth a thousand words and no more so than pictures of Paris. Fashion Week in Paris is like nowhere else in the world. The city is fashion and fashion is the city. It all works seamlessly together. So, whether you’re there to visit the museums, or to plow through the showrooms, it all seems like walking through poetry. Here are some highlights from my trip earlier this month.

All images Caroline Diani except image 10. Credit Maja Wyh

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New York Fashion Week Wrap Up

Travel Essentials

This is the time of year where I am bouncing around between NYC, Paris and LA scouring the showrooms and runways looking for the best of the best to bring into DIANI for fall 2014. It has it’s glamorous moments, but if any of you have been to NYC in February (brrr!), you’ll know that it can be close to impossible to 1. wear warm enough clothes and still feel chic and, 2. get anywhere on time when there’s snow on the ground. With up to seven appointments a day, it can sometimes feel like I’m on one of those Amazing Race-esque reality shows. However, over Valentine’s weekend, the hubby came out so we could see a play (No Man’s Land with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart – AMAZING!) and also play in Central Park and visit friends in Upstate NY. It was the perfect time to fully embrace the snow and have fun! Here is a synopsis of essentials I travel with, a sneak peek at some designer highlights and the beautiful NYC in all it’s snowy glory.

The aftermath of a buying trip looks a lot like this….stay tuned for a Paris wrap up! For live time updates, follow me on Instagram @dianiliving xo





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Morocco Part 1 – Marrakech


My husband and I recently took our honeymoon in Morocco and I don’t think either one of us were quite prepared for how much we would fall in love with the country. We spent just under two weeks there and, thanks to my amazing friend, Claire Eastwood and her expertise in luxury bespoke travel. In collaboration with The Smart Flyer, she set us up with a local guide who took us to several towns and areas we had wanted to visit. First on our agenda was Marrakech. The 14th century streets and alleyways of the Medina are packed with spices, sights, & sounds that took us into another world.


When you first enter the side streets with all the Souks (stalls), you are overwhelmed with the smells, the people, the hustle-bustle and the fact that you are in the middle of something that has been happening this very way for thousands of years. It brings tears to your eyes. It’s a cultural delight.



The spice Souks are AMAZING! Saffron, cumin, corriander and so much more. There are also a plethora of essential oils amber, musk, rose, argan and herbal remedies and cosmetics made from kohl, cochineal powder and henna.


Morocco     Morocco

Badi Palace.


The Jardin Marjorelle, where Yves St. Laurent once lived and where his ashes are now spread.

Morocco      Morocco




Morocco      Morocco

We stayed at the stunning La Sultana Riad in the Kasbah.




Morocco      Morocco

The breathtaking Madrassa Ben Youssef (an ancient religious school)

Morocco      Morocco

Details in our Riad La Sultana.


The dyers Souks where wools and silks are dyed with all natural, from the earth colorings from indigo, saffron, mint, poppy and rose.

Morocco      Morocco

Morocco      Morocco

Nightime in the Place Jemaa el Fna is not to be missed! Food stalls, snake charmers, musicians and plenty of ways to spend a few more dhirams. So culturally amazing, it has been designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations.


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Moroccan Finds

Moroccan Finds

One of the many joys of traveling is discovering what is indigenous to a place and how they use their natural resources. Morocco has a wealth of this and, they have, over the centuries, crafted a huge market for herbs, spices, lotions and potions, woven rugs, dyed silks and wools, baskets, leather goods, silver and gold and so much else that it blows your mind! We fell in love with it all and especially the people who take pride in what they produce. Clockwise from top left – Moroccan Mint Tea. Glass and silver decanters for Rose Water (traditionally used to freshen the hands of house guests before they enter your home). The food is ridiculously good in Morocco and they use so many wonderful spices. We missed the vegetable tagines, couscous and other dishes so much that we hunted down a good cookbook to learn some of the dishes we grew to love. Tagine cooking is essentially from the Berber regions of North Africa and the name comes from the clay dishware used to make the dishes. Book available here. Glass and silver mint tea glasses. Saffron – very prolific in Morocco and reasonably priced. Dried roses – Moroccans use roses to scent themselves and their homes. We couldn’t believe how fragrant it was, so had to bring some to our home. Black Soap – used in the Hamams. Hamams are steam baths and used weekly as part of the religious cleansing ritual. We were lucky enough to have two Hamams while we were there and left each one swearing that we need to pamper ourselves more often. The treatment involves laying in a gorgeous steam room (picture the most beautiful tile and stone work you can imagine) being cleansed with the black soap, drenched in buckets of warm water followed by an exfoliation. You are then moisturized with Argan Oil. Since it was our honeymoon, we followed our treatments with massages. Heaven on earth! I’m now spoiled for life.

Moroccan Finds

Since remodeling our bathroom, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect light fixture for above the sink. One of the Souks (market stall) in the Medina in Marrakech came through for us! Hand forged and made by one of the locals who we got to meet. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Moroccan Finds

A Kilim Berber rug bought in the Medina in Marrakech and now proudly living in our dining room. Hand dyed with natural dyes and hand made – perfectly imperfect.

Moroccan Finds

Argan trees grow all over Morocco and produce a nut that has been used for thousands of years in cooking. The nut is beaten by hand to reveal the inner nut which is then ground into an oil. This process is handled by women in co-operatives and it was discovered that their hands never aged and always stayed soft and smooth. Therefore, more recently, Argan Oil is being produced for cosmetic use too and sold all over the world. I have been a fan of Argan Oil for a long time, so couldn’t wait to get my hands on some in it’s native land. Josie Maran has a great Argan Oil here. Use it on your hair, nails or skin. It’s amazing!

Stay tuned for more Morocco posts! I have to share with you some of the places we visited! It is such an incredibly beautiful country and we can’t wait to go back to discover more. Have you been? I’d love to hear from you!

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Flashback Friday – Ireland

There are so many words that come to mind when I think of Ireland: lush, wet, breathtakingly beautiful, disarming, historic, real, edgy, political, troubled. And, whether you’re in Northern Ireland or in the Republic, there is a raw truth that makes you see the humanity on both sides of all the things we’ve read about for years. The people we met personify salt of the earth and, without exception, I felt like what you see is what you get. Oh, and the music and the joy and the laughter. If you ever need a dose of that, the Irish will teach you in spades.


29 & 28 Merrion Street Upper, Dublin


Aran sweaters are always in style here. Galway Woollens, Westport, Co. Mayo.



Art in our hotel in Bellina, Co. Mayo.


Our version of Downton Abbey and home for the week – Drenagh Georgian Estate, Limavady, Co. Derry.


My husband settling in to his farm life on the estate.


Essential footwear.


One of the secret gardens on the estate.


Moss drenched staircases to a grand balcony.


Many of the country roads across Ireland are this narrow. Road atop the cliffs of Slieve League, Co. Donegal.


Very woolly sheep above the cliffs of Slieve League, Co. Donegal.


A typical looking cottage somewhere in Co. Donegal.


The center of a roundabout in Bushmills, Co. Antrim. Flying the flags for the Queens’s Jubilee.


Pride of Bunn dry docked near Ballymena, Co. Donegal.


Lobster traps near Ballymena, Co. Donegal.


An afternoon tea at the Merrion Hotel, Dublin (with a spot of whiskey too).


Atop Binevenagh, near Limavady, Co. Derry.


Our group of friends who joined us on the trip, standing atop Binevenagh, near Limavady, Co. Derry, looking out over the North Atlantic.


Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes everywhere.


Donegal Tweed Factory, Ardara, Co. Donegal.


Tweed Loom near Killybegs, Co. Donegal.


Bay near Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, Ballintoy, Co. Antrim.


Fish n Chips, Bushmills, Co. Antrim. The best that I’ve had in a long time!


A view from Malin Head, Co. Donegal.


Happy cows near Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills, Antrim.


A newly sheared lamb near Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills, Co. Antrim.


A view of sunset outside our Georgian Manor.


Our uber stylish friends, dressing the part on our pre dinner walk.


The clan, toasting to another wonderful day in Ireland.


When in Rome, or rather Bushmills in Co. Antrim, have a Bushmills or few!

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Flashback Friday – France


From Sud to Nord, Bateaux to Chateaux, I spent a summer a couple of years ago celebrating a friend’s birthday in Saint Tropez and then hired a car and drove myself to Paris, spending nights along the way at places that drew me in. Here is a smattering of memories caught on camera.


French Simplicity

A side street in Saint Tropez

Paris Pavement

Pavement graffiti in Paris

A Sea of Sunflowers

Driving up from the South – A common and never tiresome view.

Boules Players

French men always find time to repose. Petanque in the shade with a splash of Ricard.


View front my Chateau bedroom window in Rocheguede.


Statues all over the Chateau.


A favorite reading chair in my room.


A favorite lounging spot with a glass of rose and a book.


One of the many wineries you see along your drive to the North.

Wine Barrel

An old wine barrel.


The town of Dijon.

Dijon Mutard

The many kinds of salt and pepper to be found in Dijon, not forgetting the mutard!


An old carousel in Saint Tropez.

Saint Tropez

The beautiful boats of Saint Tropez.

Saint Tropez Villa

The villa my friend rented in Saint Tropez

Artwork in the Villa

Artwork in the villa

A bientot, France! J’arrive en Octobre!

Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY to win either a luxury facial or luxury skincare product! You do not want to miss this. See Tuesday’s post here for details and how to enter! You have until Sunday and I will announce the winners on Monday!

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A Day off in Ventura

A Day off in Ventura
A Day off in Ventura
A Day off in Ventura

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Notes from a buyer- A day off in Paris

A day off in Paris - Caroline Diani

1. & 2. Breakfast: pain au chocolat at Paul and pads of lilies at Monet’s exhibit at L’Orangerie.

3. Mid Morning snack: Have a smooch with the statue outside (don’t tell your boyfriend).


A day off in Paris - Caroline Diani
4. – 6. Lunch: The French don’t lunch, they walk. With all that cheese, how do you think they stay so skinny? So, hoof it to Square du Vert Galant, then over to Notre Dame, and end in awe, staring at the stained glass of La Sainte-Chapelle.


7. & 8. Afternoon Snack: Amorino dark chocolate gelato, followed by getting your nose stuck into some Shakespeare (don’t tell Moliere) at the old bookstore near the Pont Neuf.
9. Dinner: Escargots (don’t tell your trainer) and then walk it off up the Eiffel Tower (tell your trainer).
10. And, like I’ll always say, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.

11. Ps: See if you can find some Invader graffiti.


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