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Entered The Chill Zone


Gone Vacationing! Be back soon!

Caroline xo

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A Weekend off – Yurt-ing in Big Sur

I thought I knew what a yurt was: a place where hippies lived in blissful green-ness. Sounded nice, but I never thought of staying in one. But, after a year with my BF² — Boy Friend and Best Friend (a twofer!) — I found myself on the back of his moto, carving the twisties of Highway 1, up the glorious Central California Coastline. And, where did we end up? An idyllic bluff, peppered with, you guessed it, yurts.

Yurting in Big Sur

 The Eco-Friendly resort, Treebones, offers camp sites (Brave souls! It’s cold this time of year!), or yurts (yes, please!). A place of understated luxury, with a million dollar view of the Pacific Ocean and the whales that hug its shores. A menu, built on organic ingredients, harvested from their on-site vegetable garden. A sushi bar (gasp!), stocked with the freshest of seafood!

Yurting in Big Sur

Hillsides, laced with more hiking trails than there are strands in your Grandmother’s doilies. A jacuzzi and pool (no I didn’t… brrr!), ready to wake you up, or lull you to sleep. And, for the truly winged spirits, a hand-made nest, complete with a mattress for a night’s sleep under the stars (pray for clear skies!).

Yurting in Big Sur

And as I picked up a linguine stir-stick the next morning for my tea (Starbucks, take note!), I looked at my smidge of hippie BF² , and thought, “ahhhh, blissful green-ness”. Next time, we’re in the Nest!

Yurting in Big Sur

 Visit Treebones Resort to learn more.

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